I have wondered about what supposedly happened to the Mothers of the Nephilim.; somebody said they became Mermaids or Sirens.

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A thought provoking article Doc.

Aliens existing or visiting Earth hmm I'll say this the further back in time we go to the very start of human civilisation our technology and buildings seem to be way more advanced. Take ancient Egypt for example, we can't recreate some of their buildings to this day even with all of our modern technology!

Also all the first civilisations seemed to have sprung up all over the world at generally the same time, this could be a coincidence for sure or maybe there were alien beings visiting. The Universe is a big place and it is feasible that an advanced civilisation out there among the stars invented spaceflight way before us and visited our backwater planet that we call Earth.

Then again perhaps there was even an advanced civilisation such as Atlantis? It got destroyed in a cataclysmic event and the survivors spread out all over the World at the exact same time to rebuild society. I mean even Plato spoke of Atlantis existing. Then perhaps Atlantis was started by an advanced off world civilisation to begin with!

Fascinating subject keeps opening up new possibilities. I do say that it's always best to keep an open mind, just follow the evidence and it'll lead you to the truth whatever that may be.

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